Water Nymph and Mermaids Dowry - Beautiful Trinkets and Treasures

Designs 2009

A fine mess.............

I sometimes wonder how I can find anything!
This is my current work area (my dining room table) - yet I some how seem to know which bag/box holds what. This is only a small portion of the treasures I work with on a daily basis, the rest are in my "studio" - which is too cluttered at the moment to actually work in :(
These are what I call "the essentials" - jump rings and wire in a multitude of sizes, assorted findings, chain, beadcaps, beads and semi-precious stones and lots and lots of tools.

The benefit of this location is that I walk by it all day long, constantly playing, layering and re-arranging until something strikes my fancy. Then I can sit down and dig in - I do keep a journal of ideas but rarely work out of it because my mind is constantly wondering (ADD possibly?) I usually have various bits and pieces laying in groups or partly assembled all over my counter tops (my family is used to it). I like to let things mingle and brew - and sometimes they brew for months - until the right design reveals itself. I am hoping to have my studio cleaned out and organized by the end of summer so my family can have the rest of the house back. My finished product currently consumes the buffet table in my dining room, my entire living room and various areas in my studio. A fine mess indeed - but it's all mine!

Take a peek at last weeks inspirations below the mess -

Overflowing work space

The Pollinator, Circle of Truth, Marina Blue and Cathedral Gates
Lace Wing Antiquity and The Faerie Queen
Warrior Princess, The Faerie Queen, The Pollinator and Lady Justice
Marina Blue (genuine Aquamarine and Labradorite)
Assorted Earrings
Remnants From the Attic
Natural Beauty (tumble garnets)

Blue Blood
Woodland Walk

The Concubine - Egyptian Revival
The Faerie Queen

The Pollinator

Warrior Princess
You Must Have Said Your Prayers

Lilly of the Valley - Cameo Ring

Off With their Heads!

Follow the Leader - Filigree Ring

Le Fluer Chenin Blanc - Filigree Ring

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The Artful Eye said...

and I thought I had too much..glad I'm in good company. Beautiful jewelry! Hope you are well.