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Busy is good!

Is it June already? Whew! - I am losing track of time......................
I cannot believe we are at the half way point! It has been a whirlwind of a year and the change of pace is very welcome. I am tunnel focused on growing my business and turning it into a profitable full time job - hopefully! I have many new and exciting opportunities on the horizon, some of which I won't speak to yet but all exciting and making me spread me wings.

I have many new jewelry items made but have not photographed them as they are going with me to next weeks show. My findings shop is stocked with over 150 NEW products and I hope to get them added to my Etsy shop when I return from next weeks adventure.

Next week, I am off to Milwaukee, WI for the 10th annual Bead & Button Show. I have been working like a mad woman for the last month  - I was fortunate to be offered a booth space from a cancellation that came up. This will be the largest show I have done and I am excited and nervous all at the same time. My daughter is going with to help out so I am most grateful to have her to see me through and keep me company. Wish me luck - Milwaukee or bust!

Below are confirmed events I will be doing this year:

The Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee, WI - The worlds largest consumer bead show!
June 10th - 13th, 2010 at the Midwest Airlines Center - http://www.beadandbuttonshow.com

The Creative Connections Event Handmade Market - Minneapolis, MN
A 3-day conference and market for creative women and women entrepreneurs.
September 15th - 18th, 2010 - The Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
An event presented by Stampington & Company http://www.thecreativeconnectionevent.com/wp/

Twin Cities Bead Bazaar - Hopkins, MN
October 23-24, 2010 to be held at Eisenhower Community Center, 1001 Hwy 7, Hopkins, MN 55305

Twin Cities Bead Bazaar - Hopkins, MN

March 19-20, 2011 to be held at Eisenhower Community Center, 1001 Hwy 7, Hopkins, MN 55305

Art Glass and Bead Show - Madison, WI
March 26 & 27, 2011 - Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Hall - Madison, WI

This list may grow as I am trying to figure out the logistical nightmare of product transport for some East and West coast shows that I would love to do - I will keep you posted here!

If your in Milwaukee for the big show, please stop by and say hello!

A Picture is worth a thousand words.................................

A peek at few more dolls and my latest jewelry musings -Enjoy!

Sweetheart Angel
Mrs Pea and all her little one's
Part of my kitsch Devil collection (my absolute favotites of all I collect!)
Lady Devils
More Lady Devils
The Jester Thespians

The Gate Keeper
Dancing Tourmaline

Victorian Sunrise

Painted Ponies
Painted Ponies
Painted Ponies
Verdigris Trellis
Verdigris Trellis
Victorian Sunrise
The Queen Bee - Royal Jelly
The Queen Bee - Royal Jelly

Nouveau Goddess

Nostalgic Day Dreams..............................

A balmy week for the end of March in Minnesota is always a good week! The familiar touch of sunshine, warm air and humidity not felt since sometime early last fall was a very welcome stranger, I hope it settles in for long stay! I am getting the itch to get out and clean up the gardens as the green is begining to play peek-a-boo beneath winters carnage. I long to see lush growth and blooming flowers! Rain is in the weekend forcast so I am hoping for thunder storms. We could use a good dust off and  I love the smell and sound of a good spring rain.

Some spring themed picks from my doll collection below, as well as a few new spring inspired pieces above - Have a great weekend and a wonderful Easter!

Garden Baby Butterfly
Little Angel Bunnies
Little Devil Boys
Bird House Guardian Angel
Frozen Charlotte Sailors

Kindred Spirits and lovely faces to remember...............

As promised, finally - I am sharing some photo's of my dolls. I really don't understand what it is about them that fascinate me so but I am drawn to old dolls like a moth to a flame, although I am not a fan of new, store bought dolls at all.

I adore frozen Charlotte's, Boudoir dolls, composition dolls, bisque dolls, half dolls, figurine dolls, art dolls, prims, googley eye dolls and many others. As a little girl, I wouldn't say that I was a big doll fan. I had a few dolls and some Barbies but I out grew them and never thought about dolls again until my 30's. I can't even say when the obsession started but is has continued and I always think I am running out of room but yet I seem to always find room to squeeze in one more (thank goodness!) My husband helped me realize that there is something about the faces that draws me to the things I collect. It didn't take a revelation to figure out he was absolutely right!

One of my favorite Prims - " The Queen Bee" - Who could resist that face!!

My "Caffeine Angel" - I had to have her.....My name is Heidi and I am a caffeine addict. I drink coffee or coffee inclined beverages all day long, every day.

My newest addition: A French Boudoir Doll - all glorious 48" inches of her and her face is divine! Her dress is a little rough around the edges and she looks a little worn but in my eyes, lovely just the same :)

Come back soon as there are many more dolls to share!

Stop and breathe...................................

Whew! March has been busy, busy - I am not complaining, just a fact :) That's a good thing as the winter blahs were really beginning to get me down. It's good to see the ground again, even if it isn't green yet. The jumping jacks are already blooming out by the mailbox; a sure sign of spring - they sure are hardy little suckers!

I hunted and gathered many new inspirations at the recent bead show, which was also my best show to date - it gets better every time - yay! Just wrapped up a small trunk show at the bead store is Osseo and I have been working on a few new venues - one for this fall and one for next spring. Stay tuned - exciting news to be posted soon!!
I have recently added some lovely old dolls to my ever growing collection and decided it's about time to start sharing some photo's of these beautiful finds - I have as many as possible crammed into my studio - I find them very comforting and inspiring. I will start sharing some photo's later this week - starting with my latest treasure!
Many new items have recently been added in my findings shop - do stop by and take a peek. I think you will plesantly suprised!
Yep, I'm still here :) Just lazy about posting............
Spring is always a busy time; I have added many new items to my findings shop: http:www.mermaidsdowry.etsy.com - I have also been busy getting organized for he upcoming bead show this weekend - Please join us: Hopkins Community center off HWY 169 & 7 - this Saturday and Sunday March 13th & 14th - lots of great vendors and a good time to stock up on your supplies!

Good news - One of my lovely customers was again published in Belle Armoire Jewelry -The lovely Shannon LeVart has two articles in the latest issue and has my shop listed as a supplier for one of the articles (I love free advertising!) - see the article "A Romp With Resin" pg. 14 - Thank you Shannon!!

Shannon was published last fall as well with her first book "Handmade Underground Jewelry" you can buy it here: http://www.amazon.com/Handmade-Underground-Jewelry-Projects-Occasions/dp/0470504366 - great easy to follow projects especially for beginning jewelry crafters.

I am more than ready for spring! Is it just me or do the winters seem to be getting longer and colder? It's probably that I am just getting older but I don't like to admit that. I have been busy making new jewelry but it seems to be going out faster than I can replace it with new items (I am not complaining) - I will be adding more photos througout the week as there are too many for one posting. The photo's below are some of my recent work - enjoy!

Loved and Lost

Angel Heart

Cupids Playground

Wild Orchid

Some Where Over the Rainbow

Sweet Nothings


Practical Magic

Goddess II

Apple Blossoms

New Year - New Opportunities!

It is shaping up to be an interesting spring, still officially un-employed and still looking for work but I have several irons in the fire and am hoping they will all help expand and grow my little business. I will be doing a small Artisan Show - Saturday Jan. 30th 11 am - 4pm at 42nd Street Station - a New coffee shop in the Camden Area recently opened by an old friend. They have great live music every Friday and Saturday night - highly recommend this coffee shop; great food and coffee, great service, warm atmosphere and free wi-fi!

As always, March brings the Spring "Bead Bazaar" March 13th & 14th in Hopkins at the Community Center, which I will be selling my findings at. The following week, March 18th, 19th & 20th - I have been invited to bring my findings to one of my favorite local bead stores "Beadbury" in Osseo, MN to be a part of their Spring Bead Show where they will be show casing all their treasures and finds from the Tucson and California bead shows - do join us!

Spring blooms with a new opportunity at a new Artisan and Farmers market that will be running mid May through most of October, Saturdays 10:00 am - 4:00 pm at Goose Lake Farms Winery in Nowthen, MN - I didn't even know we had a local winery until they contacted me!

Although my blog has been quiet, I have been busy with holiday festivities, family and trying to keep my consignment venues and my shops in stock. I am always working on new creations but there just never seems to be enough time in one day. My most current items have yet to be photographed but below are some recent creations - Thanks for stopping by!

Iron Belle Flower Muse

Guinevere's Garden


Vanity Can Be Fatal - Spider and Fly Collage Art Locket


A Change of Season's

Of Darkness and Light- Chiaroscuro Gothic Chandelier Earrings

Faded Rose (The 2nd in a Series ) - The Secret Garden of Doctor Moreau

Champagne and Roses