Water Nymph and Mermaids Dowry - Beautiful Trinkets and Treasures

Designs 2009

Good God - I can't even write letter's so this should be an interesting journey..........

Ready or Not land of Blogs and Blogger's - here I come.
However, I am waaaaaay too tired to make a post after setting this all up.
Time for nighty nite - but I will be back tomorrow.
May be then I can figure out my slide show feed???


Gina2424 said...

YAY! You did it- beautiful artwork too. I'm going to email you separately, because I am not sure how much room I have here. Good for you!

Gina2424 said...

Two more thoughts: Join the ZNE Site Ring where your blog can be listed and linked with all the other ZNE-ers and you can post it to the bottom of your blog (see mine) and join the Mermaid Swap on Flickr, hosted by Michelle Geller of http://michellegeller.typepad.com. She goes by "Hold Dear/" That'll link you to other cool artists, Mermaids and bloggers!