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It has been a VERY productive weekend - Woo Hooo!!
I was just notified by Barbe the Editor for Jewelry Making @ Craftgossip Network blog that she did a little write up about my ETSY supply shop :)
Here's the link - please check it out: http://jewelrymaking.craftgossip.com/beautiful-supplies-from-mermaids-dowry/2008/01/05/
Thank You Barbe!!!

In addition, I finally finished a beautiful Photo Jewelry piece - that has been brining/baking for some time. It all came together last night. I listed it in my other ETSY shop(waternymph.etsy.com) today so hop on over and check it out.
Long story for this one but it was actually remnants of a failed project from a few months back. I couldn't part with the wonderful image under glass - lucky for me because she came into her own as something gorgeous and much better than the first idea. Funny how that works!

I went to my favorite Antique shop today and and made a haul in beautiful antique buttons - celluloid, Bakelite, brass, rhinestone and Austrian crystal topped the list. Good thing DH was out of town because if he saw my bill, I am sure he would have cut me off my daily Lattes for 6 Months and asked if I was feeling ok!! I will be listing some of these in Mermaids Dowry once I decide what I can part with. Hopefully tomorrow I will finish up my other pieces I have been working on this weekend and have a few fresh listings for next week.

Gina Smith!! - a shout out for you with a big THANKS for encouraging me to start a blog. If nothing else, it's a place to have a conversation with out talking to myself (I do that frequently).


~Izabella said...

wow!! what a beautiful place you have here :) you did a wonderful job of setting up your new blog~ loving your music selection!!

will be back to visit!!

xo ~Bella (from ZNE)

Heidi said...

Thanks Izabella! I would like to link your blog on mine - May I??

Nej said...

Your work is so gorgeous! I adore coffee also! Thanks for visiting me.