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Time flies..................there it went!

Well........I sure didn't accomplish what I set out to today. Had morning coffee while checking and responding to email's and perusing my favorite sites and Blogs. Needless to say, after a few refills and feeling satisfied with my adventures, about three hours (yes 3) had passed! Gosh, I love it so but it sure can eat up time.

OK - so I set out today to gather and hunt for my Mermaid swap coming up and find inspirations for my "Goddess of good things to come" Art Doll challenge. All I came home with was a decorative metal mannequin (I needed that like a hole in my head) She is GORGEOUS!!! Going in my studio room! I suppose that is inspiration of sorts?
I realized today when I got her home - I had started a new collection with out even realizing. I guess I love female figure mannequin's (Surprise!) - I have the one I bought today, an Antique paper Mache' one named "Lucy Belle" (she's a voyeur) in my bedroom and freaks my DH out, two table top sized ones I use for jewelry and 4 others of various shapes, sizes and materials. I think I am gonna need a bigger room :o) I'll post a pic of my latest treasure soon.

Thankful tomorrow is another day off work - my pledge is to find that something EXTRA special for the Mermaid swap. Don't know what that is but I will know it when I see it :)
Maybe a mini Mermaid Mannequin - lol!
Oooh - I could / should make one of those (light bulb!)


Nej said...

Did you wear your old navy sweatshirt on your adventure? :0)

I'm so glad someone else out there understands me!

I do the same things on weekend mornings. Coffee and internet. Time flies by. But I do enjoy it!

Enjoy your day off!

m i c h e l l e said...

Isn't it just crazy how you sit down to check e-mail and maybe one of two blogs and then before you know it, HOURS can go by!!!