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Spring fever?

I was uploading some photo's off my camera and came across some delightful reminders of Spring! It was a balmy 43 degrees here in Minnesota today so these seemed like a fitting tribute. My Husband and my daughter rescued this little duck's children from the storm drain at the bottom of our driveway last spring.
Ever so gently, and one by one, my husband fished out the ducklings with a long handled butterfly net. Mama duck waited very near by and they each ran to her as the were released from the net. My DH even had his waders on, he almost had to go in after the last one who kept jumping into the overflow pipe that was near the bottom of the hole. Mama duck took off with a crew of eleven so my husband carried the last one in the net, to the near by pond - I swear that last little guy walked on water to get back to the flock!

Tomorrow it's back to real winter weather, however days like today and photo's like these above, keep the hope of Spring alive and well - only about 9 more weeks! Enjoy!


The Artful Eye said...

Hi Heidi,
These pics are so wonderful. I'm sure Mama duck and her ducklings are so grateful to your husband and daughter. The photo on top with Mama and her little babies almost seems surreal. I love these snippets of nature. Thanks for sharing. I hope you get to enjoy a bit more warm weather before the wintry days return.

Gina2424 said...

Look at you blogging away! This is adorable! By the way, I LOVE my music-thank you!How did your show go?

Gillian :O) said...

Oh what a special memory Heidi
thankyou so much for coming and visiting my blog :)
and I'd love to link up, ofcourse, I was soooooo excited to know you have a blog too :)

There is just so many amazing treats for the eye here on your blog, love, love, love your ART!