Water Nymph and Mermaids Dowry - Beautiful Trinkets and Treasures

Designs 2009

Treasures of a Mermaid

A Mermaid Diorama made from a cigar box - Abundant in rich color, texture. depth, and sentiment. Makes you wish you could climb right in!!

The fruits of a labor of love abound!!
I Recently participated in a Mermaid and Seaside Swap hosted my Michelle Geller aka: Hold Dear http://michellegeller.typepad.com/michelle_geller_weblog/ and recieved the most wonderful treasures from my swap partner Andrea Forgnone (be sure to visit Andrea for a feast of Artful creations and Blogging: http://www.arteverything.com/ and here: http://www.artfuleye.com/ ) In addition to loads of Artful Mermaid and Seaside goodies for inspiring and creating Art - One of the treasures I recieved is pictured above. Photo's do not do this justice - it is enchanting and captivating beyond belief!!! I was hoping to share my other treasure but for some reason it is not allowing me to add more photo's to this post. I must be at capacity on this one. I guess it's a good reason to post again tomorrow! If the spirit moves you, please share your thoughts below - Comments are always welcome and encouraged :)
Stay tuned to see my other prized treasure.....................

I will soon be blogging on what I created for Andrea as well so stop back for a visit in the near future.

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Gillian :O) said...

Oh So Wonderful!!!
what beautiful Treasures :)