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More Treasure and a "Sneek Peek"

As promised, below is the second Art Treasure I recieved from Andrea Forgnone in the Mermaid and Seaside swap. My very own little Cathedral Window - Andrea collaged and then reverse painted this acrylic block - it sits in my south window and WOW! The sun just lights this piece up!
I still can't believe these wonderful treasures were for me - all mine!!!! :)

Get a look at all this beautiful inspiration just waiting to become something more!!

Blue skies and Roses
A sneek peek into a current project: it is already so much more than you see here. When it is done growing and has become what it was meant to be - I will post this project in it's completed form - OK , maybe another peek or two along the way ;-)

And the sun set's on another weekend...........

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Gillian :O) said...

Heidi that little window is Amazing! love it, and I sooooo can't wait to see this lovely piece of art continue to grow :)