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Life in Yellow ??

I recently took part in a journal swap for my ZNE Artists & Poet's Group http://www.znepoetry.com/ I wanted to finally share with you the Journal I created for Marion Barnett http://artmixter.blogspot.com/ Marion is a fellow Artist, Poet and ZNE member. I have been waiting for my journal to arrive to her in Australia. She finally received it his past weekend.

My intention was to share my Mermaid Swap Art first, but I am in desperate need of reminders of spring. It has been a VERY long winter in Minnesota................

I will share some photo's of the journal over the next few days. There are too many for one posting. There is a lot going on in this journal and I thoroughly enjoyed creating it. When I feel brave enough, I will share more of my writings on my blog.

The first piece of this journal I would like to share is an original Poem by me, written with Marion in my thoughts and creating this journal on my mind.

Comments and feed back encouraged :)

Life in Yellow

The Glory of yellow starts with the Sun
A life giving color
with out it, there's none
Like a flower in bloom
its yellow displayed
reaches for the sun each and every day

The Robins egg
may be covered in blue
but it's the yellow at the center
breathes life anew
An Angel's halo
would not be more brilliant in white
Yellow rules the Sun,
dawning day, after dark night

When children paint stars'
it is not gray that they choose
but life breathing yellow
in vibrant hues!

The child within
chooses color with glee
Not worrying about the journey
or where it will lead

Let yellow be a companion
in this journey of life
Healing for sorrow,
a calm in the strife
Bringing joy, breathing warmth
the beauty of life.

Heidi Eberle
Feb. 22, 2008

1 comment:

The Artful Eye said...

Heidi- your poem is truly beautiful.
I love your words and the story that unfolds.

I also like to write and only wish I had more time to devote to all these passions.

Gorgeous page.