Water Nymph and Mermaids Dowry - Beautiful Trinkets and Treasures

Designs 2009

Journey of Color - Art & Poetry Journal

The minds eye knows the hearts desires and needs
Funneling out in emotion, thought, actions, feelings, color, texture, smell, words, art and poetry

The Imagination takes flight...............Where will the journey lead?

My heart is my compass to always finding my way home

What path will my feet follow today?

Do I need a map to get where I am going or to remind me where I have been??

Have I traveled this road before?

Things I don't recall, but yet familiar..........

Perhaps in a past life?

Possibilities - as endless as my imagination..........

ZNE Artists and ZNE Artists and Poets Group -

A Gathering and connecting of like minded souls and the people who actually "get me"

1 comment:

The Artful Eye said...

You can do this Heidi! Tell us about your visit. You are so remarkably talented. I took a class this past weekend with a group and showed everyone all the lovely items I received from you and they were astounded. I am forever grateful.

Praying for warm spring weather for you.