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Designs 2009

The Whole Picture

Finally - here is the Journal I made for my ZNE Artists and Poets journal swap from all angles. I have to admit, I really was pleased with the finished product. The colors, TeXtures and fibers are quite captivating. Not too shabby for something that started out as a stark plain, drab blue, cotten covered sketch and journal book.
The inside cover, original poem and a pocket full of handmade journaling tags.
The end result of my "Blue skies and Roses" painting

A colorful view of the cover and tag fibers

Inside back cover, book plate and tansparent pocket with smaller handmade journaling tags
More fibers and color

Large journaling tags

Original Poem

Small journaling tags

The End!!


The Artful Eye said...

WoW! is this phenomenal or what. I love the layouts, texture, fibers all of it. What a wonderful book, Heidi.

I'm so glad you posted here.

You recognized the Degas dancer in my
glass paperweight. Yes, it was one of the lovely images you passed on to me.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Gina2424 said...

Heidi-first off-Happy Birthday-can't exactly tell when it is from the ZNE Birthdays-looks like all month-what a great idea! You definitely have blogging down and you certainly have journal-making down-that is just beautiful. I love the tags!! Love your domino goddess pendant too! I haven't been ignoring your message about how I cram things in-I just don't know! But, sometimes I do feel crazy! Or sleepy!


creativesundries said...

Wow, beautiful!!!!

Sarah :-)

Janny said...

Your work is really beautiful!!

Gillian :O) said...

oooooooohhhhh it's SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!