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Where does an Ostrich in Minnesota bury it's head??

The pines in my backyard don't even strike me as beautiful coated in snow anymore. Yesterday, you could see the lawn and the faint beginings of green grass. All snatched away!

It's officially spring so they say - you would never know it if you lived in Minnesota!
We got 6+ inches of the fluffy white stuff today :(
Other areas of the state got up to 16 inches so I guess in that respect, we were lucky (always the optimist) I don't know if it is just me getting older or what, but I really am burned out on winter already!

February and March seem like they last forever and I am pretty sure if I see any more snow, I am going to need either a stiff drink or some serious medication - ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!

The hot tub; rendered USELESS since the heater went out last weekend, so no more naked snow angels this year - lol!! There's no place to warm up afterwards!

I do feel like an Ostrich but there's no where to bury my head but in the snow!!

Will spring ever really arrive - I am waiting?????


Gillian :O) said...

Well I think it looks Beautiful :)
only because I've never experienced snow like this, it's just soooo pretty on the trees Heidi (I know that's not what you want to hear..sorry, but it is you know lol!)

Gina2424 said...

We have snow in Indiana, too. 'Bout ready to scream!!

The Artful Eye said...

Oh dear, and here I miss the snow. It was 85 degrees this Sunday, already too hot for me. Pool is getting warm with the solar so soon I'll be swimming. I'm don't want to say this to make you feel bad. It's the reality living here in sunny SoCal. You can come and visit!

and no hot tub...arrgghhh.

Wishing for spring to arrive for you.

It does look so pretty.