Water Nymph and Mermaids Dowry - Beautiful Trinkets and Treasures

Designs 2009

Mermaids Dowry - A Featured Shop in Founders Selections (I just love warm fuzzies!!!)

This just in: one of my Etsy shops (Mermaids Dowry) has been featured in the Etsy Supplies mini gallery blog http://etsyminisupplies.blogspot.com/2008/03/boutique-shops.html

I have been honored with being the first shop in their new feature section called: Founders Selections: Boutique Shops

Make sure you check out this blog link, it will give you linked access to the best supplies for Art, Jewelry, Vintage Goods and Crafting that Etsy has to offer!!! What ever it is - you can find it right here: http://etsyminisupplies.blogspot.com/

Happy hunting, shopping and gathering! :)

Thank you Karen and Dotty for your kindness in selecting and featuring my shop :)

1 comment:

Gillian :O) said...

of course you know I love your beautiful shop :)

I'll have to go and have a lookie at the link..

ps...Heidi I've just given you a little 'blog award' on my blog, because your beautiful art is such an inspiration to me and my little miss xxx