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When day dreams meet reality.......A glimse of my recent musings and evening projects

It has been a crazy busy summer and is flying by much too quickly!!
With what little time there is to do what I love best (CREATE - something, anything!) the following is what becomes when my many ideas and day dreams take on a tangible life. Some are still available in my Etsy shop: Waternymph.etsy.com or http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5374305 should anyone have an interest. As always, many more are in various stages of becoming and will be posted soon.

Que Sera, Sera........

Royal Tulips

Wild Gypsy

Princess of Labrador

Bella Blue

Secret Garden

Midnight Mistress

Tragedy of Verona

Flight of Fancy


I am off to one of my favorite places to visit and get away from it all this weekend. I am going to take lots of photo's and share it here next week. I promise - you have never seen anything like it!!

If you have any artistic or whimsical bone in your body - you won't want to miss these photo's and the story of the enchanting destination I am heading to for the weekend and you definitely won't believe where it's located (lol!) It's the only place on earth I know of where the intersection sign has directional arrows for Rodeo Drive AND The Hampton's!!!

Next week, I will be posting Photo's
that will hopefully inspire, take you back and make you smile. I am not a photographer so I hope I can do this justice - we will see :)

Thanks for stopping by! Comments always welcome and appreciated :)

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The Artful Eye said...

You've been busy! These pieces are gorgeous. I just went shopping on your Etsy sites. I'm not sure what I'll do with my new findings but I like them alot. Also bought your beautiful Tink ring. I've been oogling over all your beautiful artistry.