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The Farm - A touch of whimsy in rural Minnesota

I guess you could follow either arrow but this is a much better place to spend the weekend! A wonderful little farm, lucky enough to have been touched by the imagination and creativity of my Fathers Wife (G) and my Father (J). She (G) never ceases to amaze me with her imagination and creativity - a true inspiration to me!!

Out here you get wide open spaces, lot's of peace and quiet, always something interesting to look at, farm auctions, great finds in sleepy small town Antique Shops and "All City" garage sales and best of all, time to visit with my Dad and his Wife in this wonderful little haven in rural Minnesota - Official Population - 59 :-)

Be sure to check in with the lady in the "Office" as you enter the drive. She totes a shot gun so don't go wondering with out checking in! Like the Stephen King book - "The Sentinel" - you will always find her at the window so she can see who's coming and going. Kinda creepy really!

Inside wall in the "Office" - Nine years and still not looking too bad!

The Guardian at the door of the "Office" - His BIG brother is just inside - he will deal promptly with any unwanted "Guests" - consider yourself warned! ( You will get a glimpse of him in my next post so check back soon :)

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The Artful Eye said...

This is my kind of place. So cool, open and remote in the country. This looks like a wonderful place to unwind. Lucky you.