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The Big Brother and more FUN(ny) Farm photo's...........;)

The "Office" Door

The Golf theme comes from the fact that my Dad made a 9 hole Mini Golf course on the property when they moved in and believe it of not, there is a lake around here somewhere call Mustinka Lake! This is not a working farm - just a FUN (or FUNNY) Farm :)

The Guardian's BIG Brother - just inside the office door - a great find at one of the "All City " garage sales I think???
Entertainment Options: Casino
Restaurant: Good Eats!! Notice the baby arm on a stick ?? ;-) Kids are always welcome!
Dance Hall: No LAMBADA - per orders of The Management :(

At least it has Air conditioning - you know, the kind where you throw open the front and the back doors of the quanset =)

What you do with Mouse and Critter holes that you aren't going to repair: Make LIPS!! Smooooooch! and add teeth =) By all means, label the entrance!!
BYOB............... and ice :)
Yep - the Caddy Shack!
"Got Milk?"............... Home of the finest Country Style "Bovine Wine"

I have so many fun photos to share (I took 119) so I am keeping the commentary short. I will post some more in a few days. I hope you enjoy the view!


The Artful Eye said...

I could live at this funny farm anyday! What fun.. I can't wait to see more pics. The weather looks delightful. Reminds me of Vermont, I wanted to move their when I was 13. Now I'm old and I don't like CA much.

Gina2424 said...

Hi Heidi! I am so glad to see you posting again! I am confused as punch about this farm- this is your family's??? And there is or was mini golf? Are all these signs one building or several? It looks so fun and cool, I am sure you are having a good time! I'll be watching for more photos. Love your bracelets I am seeing too-headed to your etsy.