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Etsy Storque - Featured Article Item

I was browsing Storque articles on Etsy and spotted one of my items in the following Spotlight "Trends" article: Trends: Dianna, Goddes of the Forest

A complete surprise!!!

I will be back this weekend to update and share more of my Pics from my visit to the farm. For those of you in the know, my daughter is home and on the mend in her road to recovery. It will be a long process but we are just happy to have her back and relatively in one piece with all her limbs. We will get through it.
Thank you deeply for all your well wishes and emails :)


Gina2424 said...

Good about your daughter and congratulations about Storque!

Bernie said...

Oh Heidi. I didn't know about your daughter till Gina Smith mentioned it today.
I know she said she was on the mend but motercycles and accidents are never good. I will be sending healing thoughts for her and a speedy recovery.
I can imagine what you went through, I hope you weren't alone.
I'm very glad she will be alright.
Love & Hugs