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In my next life................?

Wow!! It has been far too long since my last post. Life has been busy and brought many changes since September. I am currently adjusting to life as a displaced worker after recently being laid off my job. It is a strange feeling to say the least. I have been working for nearly 30 years and I am trying to figure out how all those years slipped by? One good look at my kids and in the mirror tells me that sadly, they certainly have.

Next week, I will get rid of five years of accumulation, clean out my office and shut the proverbial door. There will be no call backs.

So, on to the next chapter...........................................................

I am going to throw myself into ramping up my online shops, creating more art and jewelry and of course trying to find a new job. Maybe I will be blessed and find out I can get by on my own ingenuity (if the new government doesn't undermine my efforts). I guess now would be the time to find out. Who knows, with a little luck, and a lot of effort, it could be blessing in disguise??

I have spent the cold winter working with fabulous yarns and fibers and crocheting up a storm. There is something comforting about working with big fluffy fibers and yarns on cold winter day. I think we all have scarves, wristlets and neck warmers for every day of the month. My most recent creation was a gorgeous long wrap shawl made with a mix of mohair, baby alpaca and eyelash yarns. Yummy colors and super soft and snugly. Oh - I made my first full sweater too :) My Mother would be proud. It is actually wearable! A thick chunky wool Chalet sweater, I actually surprised myself. I was sure it would end up mishaped, one arm longer that the other etc....

This is only relevant because I have not crocheted since I was about 9 and my Mom is no longer around to help me out. I think she must have been sitting on my shoulder - lol :)

I hope to begin blogging on a somewhat regular basis again so if anybody stops by, please send a shout out :)

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The Artful Eye said...

Dear Heidi,
I'ved miss you. I am sorry to hear you have been laid off, sometimes these truly are blessings in disguise.

You can be certain your mom is proud of you. Look at all the wonderful things you have contributed from being a mom, raising a family, being a sister, a wife and a wonderful artist.

Please stay awhile and play.