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Designs 2009

Some of My Jewelry was in a photo shoot!

I was fortunate a while back to get an order from an over seas Swim suit company - Aquadiva http://www.aquadivaswimwear.com.au/home - I was recently browsing their website and spotted some of the pieces they had purchased from me on one of their swim suit models - the butterfly bracelet and matching earrings on the model above - Yay!! They go perfect with this lovely swim suit. I also discovered that the suit above is the signature suit for the new 2009 collection and is featured on the July magazine cover.
Beautiful and practical swim wear here if your in the market for a new suit :)
I am humbly honored to have had my jewelry used - Thank you Aquadiva!!

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The Artful Eye said...

Congratulations! Great opportunity and deserve it.

I hope you are doing well.