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A Space of my Own

It has been a busy summer! Finally, after years of my "stuff" taking over the entire house and overflowing the guest room, I finally have a Studio room of my very own. We can actually have overnight guests again and eat at the dining room table! The Living and Family rooms are no longer cluttered with jewelry and displays strewn all over and my family finally has the house back (they are VERY happy!)

I thought I would share some pics with you. This is where I create!!
Believe it or not, from start to finish, moving everything into this room and getting it organized was the longest 10 days of my life. I was totally fried by the end of it. I worked about 12 hours a day until the wee hours of the morning. I knew it was going to be a job, but each day, it seemed as if it would never end! I never thought that organizing all those beads, findings, papers and craft supplies would be quite the job it was. I figured three days tops - man was I wrong!!

There were some things that needed to remain in the guest room, as all of my available space is used up. I have no place for my sewing machine and all my yarn bins had to stay there too. In fact, if I sew, I will still have to do it at the dining room table. I also don't have adequate space to use my computer there comfortably. I came to the realization that I am a hoarder - I have way too much stuff!! I could make things until the day I croak and never run out of supplies. Not to be alarmed, I am sure that won't stop me from buying more!

At least I was able to bring in some of my favorite things. My Studio is definitely me! My husband really appreciates the fact that I moved Lucy Belle (my antique mannequin) out of our bedroom (she creeped him out) and a large portion of my doll head collection resides in there as well. Enjoy!!

One of my favorite half dolls

Part of my doll head collection

A lovely compo doll I bought for a project three years ago but I cannot seem to part with her!

A celluloid cutie - I love her sly look and 12" inch paper dress!

Another of my googly eyed dolls - a 14" inch original paper dress (I adore these dolls!)

and another...................

A few of my favorite things...........

A few treasures in the process of becoming

I bought this shelf at a local occasional store - my hubby calls it fire wood! I call it GRAND!!

This is Lucy Belle in the green Prom Dress - She is very 1920's and all News Paper mache'
One of my best finds ever!

Supplies, supplies, supplies..................................

More supplies, My work table (Wonderful next to an east window!) and my computer desk that is too full of supplies for a computer :)

My work table/desk - a lovely antique desk donated by my oldest Daughter - she had no room for it (lucky me! It's large, solid oak and deep)

Beads, semi-precious and Swarovski components...................

This entire wall is used up, right up to the window seat, I left just enough room to get the closet door open (the closet is stacked to the ceiling with drawer bins as well)

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The Artful Eye said...

Oh My! What a lovely space you have created for yourself. You are so organized, like me. My studio is so crammed. I still have to work in other parts of the house, but at least it is organized. Your new studio looks so spacious... and all the dolls. I love my dolls too and sometimes I can't part with them, they become more like friends. I like the story about Lucy Belle. Thank God my husband is a very patient man.

Enjoy your wonderful new studio. It looks magically friendly.