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Designs 2009

Blue Eyed Susan - First Piece in a New Series - "The Secrect Garden of Dr. Moreau"

I have an overbearing muse that compels me to create "Story Pieces" - so this is what becomes of too many findings that keep sitting around, staring at you and cluttering up the place. Seeds are germinating for additions to this series. My mind wonders way too far some days!

Blue Eyed Susan was a piece that came to "life" over the course of several months. She is darkly bizarre and strangely beautiful - the photo's do not do her justice - she has to be seen with one's own eyes to truly appreciate her. Adorned with faceted Black Onyx and Blue Apatite, she is my current favorite adornment to wear - I may not be able to part with this one!

Here is a bit of the story........................

My late night excursion to the forbidden garden was eerie to say the least. I could not possibly leave with out proof of having been there. It was with out a doubt, creepy; a garden of things, the likes of which you cannot possibly imagine. To actually pick one of these flowers was quite unnerving; they were watching, all of them, always…watching, never blinking, just that incessant, expressionless stare. I just closed my eyes and snipped one! I have included a key to the hidden gate; eerily labeled with what the garden actually contains, should you care to venture in and pick another or an entire bouquet. Take note: the key can only be used once; as the lock morphs after a key has been used, requiring a new key for the next entrance. If you want to return, you must grab a new key at the exit to the gate.

Given that she never blinks or sleeps - she could be your guardian, your protector, third eye, your watcher or maybe she is just a voyeur………..it remains to be seen.

Multi layered richness of seven of my most beautiful filigree and filigree bead caps of both new and vintage brass, have been crowned with a blue, filigree wrapped doll eye and a vintage reproduction key. “Blue Eyed Susan” suspends from vintage brass, peanut link chain sections, connected with hand wrapped, faceted, Black Onyx and an accent of Blue Apatite that matches the eye. I hope you find her as lovely and captivating as I do.

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The Artful Eye said...

I'm in love with your "Blue-eyed Susan" and the story you have woven is allegorical and mysterious. Heidi, I think of you often and hope all is going well for you. You are such an amazing artist. I miss seeing you here. One of these days I'm coming to your neck of the woods.