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Kindred Spirits and lovely faces to remember...............

As promised, finally - I am sharing some photo's of my dolls. I really don't understand what it is about them that fascinate me so but I am drawn to old dolls like a moth to a flame, although I am not a fan of new, store bought dolls at all.

I adore frozen Charlotte's, Boudoir dolls, composition dolls, bisque dolls, half dolls, figurine dolls, art dolls, prims, googley eye dolls and many others. As a little girl, I wouldn't say that I was a big doll fan. I had a few dolls and some Barbies but I out grew them and never thought about dolls again until my 30's. I can't even say when the obsession started but is has continued and I always think I am running out of room but yet I seem to always find room to squeeze in one more (thank goodness!) My husband helped me realize that there is something about the faces that draws me to the things I collect. It didn't take a revelation to figure out he was absolutely right!

One of my favorite Prims - " The Queen Bee" - Who could resist that face!!

My "Caffeine Angel" - I had to have her.....My name is Heidi and I am a caffeine addict. I drink coffee or coffee inclined beverages all day long, every day.

My newest addition: A French Boudoir Doll - all glorious 48" inches of her and her face is divine! Her dress is a little rough around the edges and she looks a little worn but in my eyes, lovely just the same :)

Come back soon as there are many more dolls to share!


missficklemedia.com said...

Hi Heidi! I was happy to see you have a blog!
I really enjoyed your collection of dolls you shared here. They are magnificent.

Adding your link to my list!

thesoapqueen said...

Outstanding collections, makes me wish my house was bigger. Soooo cool what a mind, enjoy your creations.