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Nostalgic Day Dreams..............................

A balmy week for the end of March in Minnesota is always a good week! The familiar touch of sunshine, warm air and humidity not felt since sometime early last fall was a very welcome stranger, I hope it settles in for long stay! I am getting the itch to get out and clean up the gardens as the green is begining to play peek-a-boo beneath winters carnage. I long to see lush growth and blooming flowers! Rain is in the weekend forcast so I am hoping for thunder storms. We could use a good dust off and  I love the smell and sound of a good spring rain.

Some spring themed picks from my doll collection below, as well as a few new spring inspired pieces above - Have a great weekend and a wonderful Easter!

Garden Baby Butterfly
Little Angel Bunnies
Little Devil Boys
Bird House Guardian Angel
Frozen Charlotte Sailors

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jewelry making said...

The angels are angelic. I love collecting them.